Monday, July 2, 2012

Ford Focus ST: Angel or Demon?

That a car brand launched a model that, at most, can reach a market share of 1% is, at least, something praiseworthy. We talk about Ford and the Focus ST, a combination that has now reached its third generation and that Ford expects to sell about 300 units per year at a starting price of $ 38.000

With the arrival of the new Focus ST-Sport Technologies-scheduled for the months of July and August, Ford confirmed his passion for manufacturing sports cars variants. A bet that began in 2002 with the first generation Ford Focus ST 170 hp and was continued with the Mondeo ST, a few months later, with the Fiesta ST in 2004, and the Focus ST II.

However, the new Focus ST is quite different from its predecessors for several reasons. The first one is because it is the first Focus ST sold worldwide. It is, therefore, the first Global Focus ST, the result of the latest trend of Ford to produce similar models worldwide in order to cut costs.